6 Crypto Exchanges Where You Can Trade Your Noah Coin

The continuously growing popularity of cryptocurrency has sparked many improvements within the market. Many industries are starting to adapt to this trend and accepting cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment and an instrument for trading.

It’s starting to get a whole lot easier to invest and use cryptocurrency. You only need to have two things to make cryptocurrency work for you: a cryptocurrency wallet and a cryptocurrency exchange.

A cryptocurrency wallet is exactly what it is — storage for all your digital currencies. On the other hand, a cryptocurrency exchange is a business where you are allowed to trade cryptocurrencies and other assets.

A cryptocurrency exchange is also a platform where it serves as a market marker or liquidity provider, which quotes both a buy price and a sell price either for a financial instrument or commodity it has under inventory to earn profit.

Essentially, it functions as a broker in dealings with the digital asset. The good news is that Noah Coin is now included in six crypto exchanges, making it available for trading.


YoBit is a crypto universal exchange platform that unites major market players. The company was founded in Russia and was introduced back in 2015 at the BitcoinTalk forum.

YoBit has over five million visitors a month and is currently tagged as one of the most convenient and adapted exchanges in the market largely due to its support of the cooperation between the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. It also provides the possibility to gain profit from transactions involving money exchange.

The company’s website is precise and easy to use with its mouse-motion streamlined interface. This means there isn’t much difficulty in moving your mouse pointer from one place to another, which makes trading cryptos effortless.


LiveCoin is a Bitcoin and altcoin exchange platform that offers a host of currency pairs that include altcoins in exchange for fiat money with low trading fees. You can convert, buy, and sell crypto similarly in traditional exchanges, making it perfect for trading beginners. The company also has a support team that can communicate in different languages and available seven days a week.

LiveCoin doesn’t have a specific market as it caters worldwide.


BTC-Alpha supports both crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto transactions with the US dollar as the major currency supported. It uses an advanced web-based platform involving charting mechanisms that display detailed trading views to make it easier to track coin performance.


Changelly is an instant crypto exchange that focuses solely on cryptocurrency trading. It doesn’t accept fiat currencies and only transfers funds between crypto and digital currencies.

The company was founded back in 2013 as a prototype from the team behind the crypto mining site MinerGate based in Prague, Czech Republic.

One unique feature of Changelly is that it aggregates rates from other trading platforms across the internet before suggesting the best rate based on the collected information. This makes it easy for traders to find the best rates for their cryptos for both buying and selling.

What’s more is that Changelly sets itself apart from the others with its flat rate fee structure. It charges a fixed fee of 0.5% with no exceptions.


A self-proclaimed ‘most advanced Bitcoin exchange,’ HitBTC has a long history. It was launched back in 2013 and trades Bitcoin and major altcoins including Noah Coin. A Hong Kong-based company called HIT Solution Ltd runs the exchange.

HitBTC is the result of the collaboration of experienced traders, finance experts, and software developers that led them to create an advanced platform to meet every trader’s needs. It has a host of trading options and tips with a user-friendly interface.

Since it was up and running since the beginning, HitBTC had plenty of time to iron out any issues, turning the exchange into one of the more well-established places to trade crypto.


Mercatox is a relatively new player in the crypto market. Launched in 2016, Mercatox is a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in London that offers transactions at a low 0.25% for both buyers and sellers.

The company provides four primary services that include an altcoin exchange, e-currency exchange, e-wallet, and peer-to-peer trading.

Now that there are more cryptocurrency exchange options to choose from, Noah Coin is gaining more traction as one of the most viable altcoins to buy. You’ll have more flexibility in choosing where to buy, sell, and trade Noah Coin, giving you more control on how you can profit from your cryptocurrency.

Originally published at noahcoin.org on July 26, 2018.



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