7 Best Trading Simulators to Master Your Crypto Trading Strategies

Educate yourself first before you dive headfirst in crypto trading using these trading simulators to save yourself time and money.

Whether it’s playing a new instrument or programming code, continuous practice is an essential part of becoming skilled at anything. When it comes to high-stakes skills like crypto trading, exercising your hand with the help of trading simulators is the ideal first step.

Crypto trading simulators are great tools for both novice and experienced crypto traders to improve your skills and strategies. The good part? You can learn without the risk of flushing your capital down the drain.

Check out these amazing cryptocurrency market simulators to test your hand at trading virtual coins before shelling out your cash on the real deal. Let’s get started!

1. Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator (BMPC)

2. Niffler.co

The platform is highly intuitive and easy to understand and learn on. Users can also earn crypto rewards when they grow their portfolio and get high ratings based on their performance. Once you get good at crypto trading using the platform, expert traders can earn real money by teaching others.

3. Altcoin Fantasy

One excellent feature ACF has is its Private Contest mode where traders can set up a 14-day contest for their crypto buddies. This is a healthy way to see your progress, evaluate your skills, and find out who has the best crypto-trading chops in the group.

4. Bitcoin Hero

You can buy and sell four cryptocurrencies in Bitcoin Hero: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash. The prices match the real-life price of the coins, so traders get a more realistic experience. They also have a responsive website, so you can test your skills without downloading its mobile app version.

5. CoinMarketGame

CoinMarketGame can help you hone your trading skills. They even feature a leaderboard where you can see what assets your competitors are trading to inspire you with some friendly competition.

6. Spark Profit

Your goal when you use Spark Profit is to win points. You must estimate and set a price you predict the market will hit to win points. Spark Profit is the simulator investors need for a reality check — that you’ll be spending real dollars in cryptocurrency trading.

7. Bitmex

With Bitmex, you have different ways to get profit. You’ll have to take a long or short position on where to put one of your listed coins in a certain timeframe. Then, you apply leverage. This can raise your potential gains (or losses) by up to 100%.

So You Think You Can Trade?

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Originally published at noahcoin.org on September 5, 2019.