Crypto 101: The Ultimate List of Cryptocurrency Resources

All the (financial) world’s abuzz with the founding of cryptocurrency, a digital asset that uses cryptography for security and can be used as a regular legal tender to initiate financial exchange or transactions.

A virtual currency that requires no transaction fees, is accessible to anyone with Internet, and can avoid identity theft sounds great indeed, but as with any other endeavor, people may experience some difficulties when they first try to get into crypto trading.

That doesn’t mean, though, that they can’t come out of it successful; the trick is knowing the nitty gritty of cryptocurrency to make smarter decisions about which crypto to buy, or perhaps learning about not only about its beginnings, but also the updates surrounding the crypto world.

If you want to be crypto-ready for the future, there are now a lot of online resources available for you. These blogs, websites, and crypto practitioners can help you increase your knowledge about the possible future currency.

Cryptocurrency Websites and Blogs to Visit and Read

1. Cointelegraph

Started in 2013, Cointelegraph covers news, breakthroughs, and analysis relating to cryptocurrency, the blockchain, decentralized applications, internet-of-finance, and next-gen web.

2. CoinDesk

The website covers Bitcoin and blockchain news, prices, and analysis including trends, price movements, technologies, companies, and people in the digital currency world.

3. CCN

CCN also provides the latest news about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, NEO, and Litecoin.

4. Bitcoinist

This news portal is all about the latest in Bitcoin, digital currency, the blockchain, and Fintech. They also give insightful analysis to business news and technical price analysis to community events.

5. Blockchain Blog

Blockchain Blog presents the latest news and updates about blockchain, wallets, and the crypto space.

6. NewsBTC

Also founded in 2013, NewsBTC is a news service dedicated to Bitcoin, as well as other crypto news, technical analysis, and forecasts.

7. The Coinbase Blog

Aside from being a blog dedicated to the latest crypto news, recommendations, and stories from Coinbase, Coinbase Blog is also a digital currency wallet and platform where traders can transact with new digital currencies.

8. Inside Bitcoins

Blockchain Agenda with Inside Bitcoins is a blog about blockchain news and Bitcoin events across the world.


A reliable source of news, suggestions, recommendations, and reviews in fields of cryptocurrency, ICOs, and exchanges.

10. NoahCoin

The NoahCoin blog is a mix of news, opinion, and feature pieces relating to the future of cryptocurrency in the Philippines.

Cryptocurrency Influencers and Experts to Follow

1. Vitalik Buterin

The Russian-Canadian is the man behind Ethereum, a technology that allowed businesses to create their cryptocurrency through blockchain. Reading his thoughts will let you see crypto the way developers do.

2. Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee is the creator of alternative coin Litecoin, crypto meant for smaller payments. He often retweets crypto advice and compares the benefits of Litecoin to other coins.

3. Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb founded Ripple, a blockchain that helped banks make international transfers cheaply and quickly. He’s now doing the same thing as Chief Technology Officer for Stellar, another cryptocurrency that plans to make transfers easier in other countries.

4. Roger Ver

A Japan-based investor, Roger Ver’s tweets are more about Bitcoin’s block size limits.

5. Rhett Creighton

Rhett Creighton used to work for Bitcoin and ZClassic. He often delves into cryptocurrency like privacy and traditional economics.

6. Andreas M. Antonopoulos

A man who was one of the early investors in Ethereum, Andreas Antonopoulos is also a security expert, author, public speaker, and entrepreneur. He has become one of the most recognizable and respected figures in Bitcoin.

7. Nick Szabo

A computer scientist and cryptographer, Nick Szabo conceptualized smart contracts in relation with Ethereum.

8. Gavin Andresen

Gavin Andersen is one of the original Bitcoin Core developers. He often shares useful thought nuggets about crypto news.

9. Horie Takafumi

A famous Japanese entrepreneur, Horie Takafumi often shares his aggressive opinions about crypto.

10. Tadashi Izumi

Cryptocurrency advocate Tadashi Izumi is one of the minds behind NoahCoin, a cryptocurrency that is set to be used in the Philippines for real estate, tourism, renewable energy, and organic farming soon.

YouTube Channels to Watch

1. BitBiteCoin

Based in Tokyo, Mai Fujimoto often interviews experts about cryptocurrencies and gives her thoughts on Bitcoin and blockchain.

2. Data Dash

Nicholas Merten worked as a data analyst before he became a crypto trader. He is very knowledgeable and reliable when it comes to both his opinions and unbiased analysis. Aside from information, expect a lot of live streams and interviews.

3. Crypto Lark

This guy provides insights on different altcoins and mining. He also shares recommendations on how to proceed with trading, goals to put in place, etc.

4. Crypto Daily

This funny guy brings a twist to cryptocurrency news.

5. Suppoman

This YouTuber can easily break down crypto news and gives tips on how one can get started with crypto. He also reviews altcoins to help viewers make educated decisions with their coins.

6. Crypto News

Hosted by Matthew Beasley, Crypto News started with recommendations to people investing in Ripple but eventually extended to interviewing crypto personalities with questions from his audience.

7. Chris Dunn

Dunn has been with YouTube for eight years now, but he only recently started focusing on cryptocurrency news. He aims to educate and keep information clear and easy for newcomers to follow.

8. Ivan on Tech

A software developer from Sweden and a blockchain speaker, Ivan on Tech often takes a deep dive into cryptocurrencies technologies.

9. Cryptotips

CryptoTips provides a wide variety of information about coins, from how to store Bitcoins to analysis on different coins.

10. Noah Coin

The official channel of the Noah Project discusses the current state of cryptocurrencies in the Philippines and offers current and potential traders a peek of things to come from the company.

Cryptocurrency Social Media Groups

1. Cryptocurrency Academy

The site includes information about blockchain technology, links to ICOs, conference live streams, crypto articles, and a lot more.

2. Crypto Gurus

Includes well-curated content of crypto news articles and some YouTube videos on crypto by the group’s administrator Tom Heavey

3. Cryptoland

Cryptoland boasts of high informative resources including a Coin Research Guide, which is downloadable on the Facebook group.

4. Crypto Warriors

This group has members who are knowledgeable Crypto Traders and experts. They also share non-mainstream altcoin recommendations.

5. Cryptocurrency Collectors Club

One of the largest and most active Facebook groups dedicated to cryptocurrency, this is where you can get a pulse on what’s happening in the crypto community.

6. r/ethereum

This subreddit contains information and updates about Ethereum, a blockchain-based distributed computing platform that provides a decentralized virtual machine that can perform peer-to-peer contracts using crypto called Ether.

7. r/ethtrader

Another subreddit dealing with Ether, but more about its trade and purchase.

8. r/bitcoin and r/btc

A subreddit on everything Bitcoin related.

9. r/cryptocurrency

This one is a discussion that encompasses anything cryptocurrencies.

10. r/icocrypto

If you want to know which coins are open for ICO or Crowdsales currently and in the future, this is the place for you.

Crypto Chat Groups and Forums to Join

1. Bitcoin Forum

A straightforward forum where you can ask or post anything and everything Bitcoin and crypto.

2. Stratis (STRAT)

Here you can learn about blockchain apps utilizing C# on the .Net framework. They also have a dedicated website aside from the Discord group.

3. Bitpam CryptoCurrency & Bitcoin

This Discord Group discusses different cryptocurrencies like and how to make money from it.

4. ICO Countdown

Provides an updated list of cryptocurrencies ICO and crowdsales. They also have a website

5. Gnosis (GNO)

This is where prediction market built on Ethereum are discussed. You may also visit their website.

6. Whaleclub

The largest Bitcoin trading group in Telegram dabbles in some forex trading.

7. The Coin Farm

Members of this Telegram group are active in altcoin-focused trading, with an occasional discussion about prices and analysis.

8. Blockfolio

A discussion platform for an altcoin trading app of the same name.

9. Bitcoin Core Community

A group with fundamental discussions on Bitcoin and Bitcoin Core.

10. Noah Project Community

The Noah Project has a growing community on Telegram for people who want to know more about this crypto.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg, as a simple search on the Internet will offer you endless resources about cryptocurrency and related topics.

When researching more about this technology, make sure that the website is legitimate and gives correct data, as this will help you in your future plans to buy or sell crypto.

Originally published at on June 18, 2018.