Dakak: An Underrated Spot Worth Visiting in the Philippines

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The Philippines is known around the world over for its breathtaking beaches and Instagrammable tourist spots that are worth traveling to see and experience. When you think of world-class resorts, the gorgeous islands of Boracay, Palawan, and Cebu are the first that come to mind. But with the country’s over 7,600 islands, many other destinations are quite overlooked, including this highly underrated gem down in the southern region of the archipelago.

If you find yourself visiting Mindanao and looking for some rest and recreation, Noah Resort is a soon-to-be-open beach resort you wouldn’t want to miss going to. Located in the province of Zamboanga del Norte, Dakak boasts of five-star amenities found across the northern section of Dapitan City’s peninsula. It is surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Sulu Sea in the west and a spectacular mountain region in the east. It is definitely a great place to spend your vacation with its exceptional facilities that you won’t find at other tourist spots across the country.


Dakak Park and Beach Resort is a 15-hectare paradise with sprawling forest land and a 750-meter pristine white sand beach. There are 64 duplex bungalows with 160 rooms in total constructed of native materials that give each casa or casita that classy resort vibe.

The luxury rooms are fully furnished with their own private bath and shower, amenities, mini-bar with refrigerator, air-conditioning, and couch. They are available in various sizes that are great for both couples and big families.


It’s the best place down south to soak up the sun peacefully and relax away from the noise of the more crowded tourist spots while enjoying the world-class facilities across the resort. You can lounge along the beach area or take a dip in the swimming pools to cool off.

Dakak is a one-stop shop of activities, so you will never run out of fun things to do. If you have an active lifestyle or just looking for a taste of adventure, you can go rock climbing, zip lining, and rappelling.

All-terrain vehicles are also ready for exploration if you wish to drive them across the lush forest surrounding the resort. There are also horses if you decide to take in the beautiful surroundings the more natural way.

For water sports enthusiasts, wakeboarding, scuba diving, snorkeling, Hobie Cat sailing and speeding across the water on a jet ski are a few of the enjoyable activities available. If you prefer the more scenic route, you can go kayaking, cove hopping, and take both the river and sunset cruise.


It is always a unique experience to dine with nature as your backdrop, and Dakak has a few restaurants that offer delectable dishes in the resort, so you don’t have to go far just to indulge in delicious food.

The resort offers various menus of appetizing dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner where you can enjoy your meals in an al fresco setting near the beach. Feast on seafood such as blue marlin, squid, and prawn dishes that are guaranteed fresh.

Just take a short walk along the beach and you can have a taste of the resort’s finest offerings. You can satisfy your cravings by having your fill of dishes that tickle your fancy. You will surely find exactly what you are looking for with the variety of cuisines available such as American, Chinese, Italian, and local delicacies.

Mingle with other guests while enjoying good music and delicious food and alcohol pairings at bars and restaurants along the shore. It is the perfect place to have a bit of nightlife fun to relieve all that stress away from the city.

Making the Tech Jump

This small slice of paradise with all these wonderful facilities has also taken a huge step towards embracing a technological breakthrough. The resort has teamed up with Noah Coin to introduce cryptocurrency as a form of payment in all transactions within the resort.

The Noah Resort is the result of a partnership between Dakak Park and Beach Resort and the Noah Foundation to allow people to use NoahCoin as their form of currency to enjoy a seamless system of settling the charges for all the services rendered.

This bold move was fully endorsed by the local government of Zamboanga del Norte, making it known that the region of Mindanao is ready to embrace the technology and is open to new ideas for the sake of development and progress.

The introduction of cryptocurrency as an acceptable mode of payment at Noah Resort opens a host of possibilities that could be of huge benefit to the Philippine economy. Since cryptocurrency supporters would very much want to get a piece of the action in the current cryptocurrency boom, buying Noah Coin could be a smart move, more so with the Philippines’ friendlier climate on cryptocurrency.

With Dakak accepting Noah Coin for all transactions at the resort, this development could encourage more businesses to embrace cryptocurrency and make them follow suit. You should start buying to reap all its benefits and take a trip to Dakak to experience the beauty of the Philippines while having a taste of cryptocurrency’s future.

Originally published at noahcoin.org on July 5, 2018.

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