We are happy to announce a new strategic partnership between Noah City and the Litecoin Proof of Stake project.

Litecoin POS is a young and ambitious project from Europe that solves many issues from the original Litecoin and is growing very quickly. Litecoin POS provides the ability to stake your coins via the POS function, making this network efficient, reliable, and easy to use.

Noah City will grow along with this ambitious project and will list this project on the BTCNEXT exchange. In return, Litecoin POS has agreed to promote Noah City to as many users as possible in Europe and other western parts of the world.

All Noah users will also receive FREE Litecoin POS tokens (worth $20) just by downloading the Litecoin POS wallet to their PC or mobile phone.

Noah users can download the Litecoin POS mobile wallet from Play Market (for Android) onto their phone. You can also download the wallet from their website. After installing the wallet, you need to create your e-wallet and join the Litecoin POS Telegram group (t.me/ltcpdiscussion) and get LTCP coins equivalent to $20.

In addition, all Noah users can get another $20 by making a post on their Twitter account. If you want to get the additional $20 in LTCP coins, just make a post on Twitter about the Litecoin POS project and subscribe to the Twitter account https://twitter.com/LTCP7.

To get the reward, you need to provide the following information to the Litecoin POS Telegram group:

- Litecoin POS wallet address

- Link to the Twitter post

- Proof that you are a member of the NOAH project (email or NOAH ID (NOAH-***-***-***)).

This is an excellent opportunity for the NOAH community to become part of a new project with great potential.

Litecoin POS Website: https://litecoinpos.org/

We are happy to announce one of many upcoming partnerships between Noah City and blockchain projects worldwide. After receiving the coins, you can send them to the stake and get new coins every day by becoming a network Validator.

Thank you,

Platinum Management

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