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Hello my dear community!👋

1. In yesterday’s diary we discussed QDAO DeFi Custody Cold Storage, which we are actively developing now.🛡🛡⚙️

2. Today I’d like to tell you about QDAO DeFi Crypto Loans that we are actively working on. Soon you will be able to release the value of your crypto assets without selling them!💵💸

3. QDAO DeFi Crypto Loans will be a game-changing opportunity for the global market. We are thinking of strong advantages:

👉 100% approval rate

👉 Full fee transparency

👉 No bureaucratic checks

These features will attract users worldwide and help us to promote QDAO DeFi services!🤩🤩

4. We managed to gather a superior team of developers!🌟 Platinum Software Development Company now has 60 fantastic engineers, highly experienced in blockchain development:

👉 13 front-end

👉 22 back-end

👉 10 full-stack

👉 10 Q&A

👉 5 DevOps and Admins

👉 7 of them are experts in mobile Dev

All our engineers are directly involved in Noah Blockchain and services development, to make it perfect!🔥🔥

Our engineers have strong stacks: Java (Spring/Spring boot/SE/EE/Android), PHP (Laravel/CakePHP), Js (jQuery, Vue), TypeScript (Angular), Swift/Objective-C (iOs/OS X), C/C++ (OpenCV/ OpenGL), C# (WinForm), NodeJS (Express), MySQL/MS SQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB, etc.💪💪

5. I want to share with you some details about the most stellar developers. Today’s star is Alex, our back-end developer. He is responsible for Noah Custody Wallet and for writing OTC documentations. Alex loves to rethink his life, he is a philosophic person.

6. I also have my personal channel — take a look:


7. Don’t forget to check out my personal Twitter account:


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8. How are we going to scale the Noah Project with millions of new participants? The answer is Decentralized Finance — the DeFi market is the fastest growing market in crypto. We believe that all finances around the world will become DeFi by 2025. Platinum must make a great effort today to stay with the wave tomorrow.

9. Today’s food for thought: the total value locked in DeFi jumped by 85% in August!🚀

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NOAH.PLATINUM Blockchain aiming to become one of the most “Easy to use” distributed ledgers in the world!

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Spending my lunch brake with my son.

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