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Hello my dear community!👋

1. In yesterday’s diary we discussed QDAO DeFi Crypto Loans that we are actively working on.💵💸

2. Today I’d like to tell you about QDeFi governance token — QDAO. We are planning to make it something special for the DeFi platform.😎😎

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3. QDAO token is the main cryptocurrency of the QDAO Ecosystem. QDAO DeFi users will have additional benefits when using it, for example:

👉 QDAO will provide a discount on crypto loans

👉 You’ll be able to use it to pay services fees

👉 Maybe we will add some bonuses to QDAO token holders within the program

4. We have already told you about Takeshi Yamazaki’s charity event. Platinum Software Development Company decided to take an active part in it, so we made a donation to help the victims of a flood.❤️❤️ It’s very convenient to use USDT as the means for donating, much easier than banking transfers. We ask you to take an active part in this charity event and send your donations via this link:👇


5. We managed to gather a superior team of developers!🌟 Platinum Software Development Company now has 60 fantastic engineers, highly experienced in blockchain development:

👉 13 front-end

👉 22 back-end

👉 10 full-stack

👉 10 Q&A

👉 5 DevOps and Admins

👉 7 of them are experts in mobile Dev

All our engineers are directly involved in the Noah Blockchain and service development to make it perfect!🔥🔥

Our engineers have strong stacks: Java (Spring/Spring boot/SE/EE/Android), PHP (Laravel/CakePHP), Js (jQuery, Vue), TypeScript (Angular), Swift/Objective-C (iOs/OS X), C/C++ (OpenCV/ OpenGL), C# (WinForm), NodeJS (Express), MySQL/MS SQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB, etc.💪💪

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6. I want to share with you some details about the most stellar developers. Today’s star is Artem, our front-end developer. He is mainly working on QDeFi development but he sometimes helps his colleagues with NOAH Wallet, QDAO and BNX OTC development too. Artem is passionate about art-house drawing and loves to watch deep films.

7. I also have my personal channel — take a look:


8. Don’t forget to check out my personal Twitter account:


9. Decentralized Finance will help us grow worldwide! The DeFi market borders are increasing at a tremendous speed and by 2025, all finance will become DeFi. Let’s work harder to be on top of the DeFi wave!🏄‍♂️

10. Today’s food for thought: there are over 400,000 DeFi users and their number is growing exponentially!📈

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NOAH.PLATINUM Blockchain aiming to become one of the most “Easy to use” distributed ledgers in the world!

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