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Hello, Anton speaking!👋

1. My thoughts on the DeFi market’s hottest events:👇

👉 Can ETH 2.0 handle DeFI? That’s a good question. Some pray on it, some call it insufficient.🤔🤔 My opinion — we’re seeing the dawn of DeFi and this market grows at a tremendous pace. By the time we reach Ethereum 2.0, it won’t be able to carry the DeFi market.💰💰

👉 Bitcoin is moving Ethereum. The wBTC cap is edging closer to $2 billion.🚀 It’s not phenomenal for people to try to earn with BTC on the DeFi battlefield. Common cryptos give way to a new star — DeFi.🤩🤩

2. 🙏 I received pleasant words of support from ‘falcon moon’ and I want to share them with you, my friends:👇


There are no forecasts for NOAHP prices right now.
Previous AI forecasts were based on the DRF system, but now unlocking has increased liquidity, making price forecasting difficult.

However, as Noah’s development progresses and demand increases, the price of NOAHP will rise.

Platinum continues to develop NOAH projects, especially land where all NOAH citizens have great privileges.
Details will be announced in a white paper soon.

Platinum will continue to do its utmost to increase the price of NOAHP.

Community power is very important in cryptocurrencies.
The NOAH community is quite large among cryptocurrencies and has great potential.

Let’s continue to work together toward success.

Trust Platinum as it will always make your project a success.””

3. Today’s food for thought: guess who reached a new all-time-high? DeFi — $13.5 billion in TVL!💥

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