Hello, Anton speaking!👋

1. A few more words about the global economy.💰💰 Ex-Goldman Sachs banker and financial expert Raoul Pal summed it up beautifully:👇

“If you don’t see the digital currencies of central banks being born, then you are missing a big and important thing. This event will be the greatest audit of the global financial system since Bretton Woods. ”

👉👉 The world of money is changing beyond recognition. It’s already time now to think about what to do when cash is gone — after all, it will all be digital.🤔🤔 I can only say that money printed out of thin air is of little value. And the current situation leads exactly to this. It’s time for a rethink.😉😉

2. “”Hello!

There are no forecasts for NOAHP prices right now.
Previous AI forecasts were based on the DRF system, but now unlocking has increased liquidity, making price forecasting difficult.

However, as Noah’s development progresses and demand increases, the price of NOAHP will rise.

Platinum continues to develop NOAH projects, especially land where all NOAH citizens have great privileges.
Details will be announced in a white paper soon.

Platinum will continue to do its utmost to increase the price of NOAHP.

Community power is very important in cryptocurrencies.
The NOAH community is quite large among cryptocurrencies and has great potential.

Let’s continue to work together toward success.

Trust Platinum as it will always make your project a success.””

3. Today’s food for thought: the DeFi cap grew $3 billion in one week!💥