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1. 🖊Written by Anton Dziatkovskiy in Brisbane for DeFi aggregator 168pools.com. How did the DeFi we know today start? Part 1.📌

👉 Crypto tokens and funds appeared. The Asset Management pioneers were Melon and Set Protocol. Melon was ahead of its time. This product was designed for professional fund managers but this market is not yet ripe.🌽🌽

Set Protocol played an important role in the early days of the DeFi industry.💪 “”Sets”” are baskets of assets that automatically change composition to maintain target weights. For example, BTCETH50 holds a 50/50 ratio of BTC to ETH at all prices for these currencies.⚖️

🤩 Next came the DeFi Pulse Index Set, released in September. Capitalization has already reached $30 million, although profitability fell along with the price of DeFi tokens (October was tough). However, this is the best way to invest in the whole DeFi industry with one step.💰

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3. Today’s food for thought about DeFi: the total user number is up 55% in just six weeks📈