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Hello, Anton speaking!👋

1. 📝Written by Anton Dziatkovskiy in Brisbane for DeFi aggregator How did the DeFi we know today start? Part 2.👇

The DeFi market would not be as we know it without Yield Optimizers.🧐🧐 RAY and Yearn.Finance were the pioneers in early 2020. They make money on the difference in interest rates between protocols.💰

However, the big game started after the COMP token hit the market and yield farming appeared.💥💥 Yearn then launched Vaults (an improved version of Set), automatically distributing investors’ funds in accordance with the chosen strategy. In general, we received a tool for professional asset management on the blockchain.🤝⛓

Yearn was the first, but not the last…😉😉 Harvest, Rari Capital and APY.Finance use a similar strategy — they collect assets and optimize returns. Rari and APY.Finance tried to go further by introducing risk assessment instead of strategy choice. Step by step, we are evolving.💪💪

Our next step in the DeFi journey will be Debt liquidators — don’t miss out on it!🤗

2. Today’s food for thought about DeFi: wBTC will soon be the top DeFi asset with $2.24 billion cap📈

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