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Hello, Anton speaking!👋

1. 📝Written by Anton Dziatkovskiy in Brisbane for DeFi aggregator UNI rewards.💰

👉 Two months have passed since the creation of the UNI token and about 10 days have passed since the rewards stopped on Uniswap. At some point, all four pools with rewards amounted to $2.2 billion out of total $3.1 billion in liquidity on Uniswap.😱

One of the main ideas behind the creation of UNI was protocol management. The idea failed miserably.😵😵 The big holders never took part in the voting and the community was trying to save their “”stable”” income.🤦‍♂️

We have seen that issuing UNI leads to excess liquidity because new trading volumes did not come to the pools. The rewards program raised the competitiveness of Uniswap to the level of centralized exchanges (for ETH/stablecoin and ETH/WBTC pairs) but that’s all.🙈

👉👉 As a result, the reward program stopped. Uniswap lost over 50% ($1.7 billion) of liquidity within 24 hours. At first, most of the assets floated to SushiSwap but not for long. The tarnished reputation played its part.😉

What will happen to Uniswap? The fall has stopped, a small increase in liquidity has even been observed. Obviously, the developers have a plan B.📈

2. 🔥I have awesome news for you — QDAO DeFi is raising its rates! Now you can get even higher profits absolutely passively! Just stake your assets in QDAO DeFi and get income on a daily basis.🤩

3. Today’s food for thought about DeFi: AAVE ricocheted off its double bottom to rally 214% in 7 days💪

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