Hey, Anton here👋

🙏🙏I want to thank our Instructors who organize educational mini-meetups with the Noah community. You’re doing a great job!

One of our Instructors is Naoki san and he’s working really hard to make the Noah Project a better place — I appreciate his efforts a lot!👍

Recently, we had a dialogue with him about the Delegation process and I recommend that you read it.👇

Naoki san: Good morning Dear Anton😊☀️
Yesterday I was teaching some people on Zoom (about 5 people) who didn’t know how to use BTCNEXT. It was the same time as the live stream. So I have only seen it halfway through.
But I want to check the contents of yesterday’s live stream: making the Noah Blockchain you were talking about as strong as Cosmos. So you said you wanted more Delegators. That means you want to increase the population of Delegators on the Mainnet Noah tool, right? Not a Delegator in a custodian wallet?
If so, should our team encourage them to use Mainnet instead of depositing in a custodian wallet?

Me: Dear Naoki san,
Soon you will be able to press DELEGATE in the custodian wallet and this will make a delegation on the Mainnet.
It will be integrated with the custodian wallet.
So it is not necessary to educate people on how to use ‘TOOLS DELEGATION’ because it is technically complicated. It is better for us (as engineers) to create an easier, friendly interface. And then delegation (depositing your NOAH into a VALIDATOR’S BANK) will be much easier.⚙️

We’re developing the Noah Project, no matter what!💪
Invite your family and friends to Noah City — let’s make it great together!🚀


PLATINUM`S MAIN GOAL is TO MAKE the entire NOAH COMMUNITY more wealthy and prosperous!

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I am very appreciate patience of my wife, without her support i could now work so much.
she certainly constantly grumbles that she has not seen me for days, but she understands that now me and whole Platinum Engineering teem needs to work hard to build a GREAT product (QDAO DeFi crypto storage in switzerland, Platinum QDAO branch in US, Noah city expansion to korea and china and many more!

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