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Hello my dear community!👋

1. In yesterday’s diary we discussed our big plans to develop the QDAO DeFi mobile app!📲

2. Today I’d like to tell you about QDAO DeFi Custody Cold Storage which we are actively developing now.🛡🛡⚙️

3. There are a lot of things to do before we can introduce Custody Cold Storage to our great community, but we are planning some awesome features:

👉 100+ assets

👉 $100 million insurance coverage

👉 Convenient interface for funds management

👉 Top-class security

👉 Flexible rates

Our QDAO DeFi Custody Storage will blow the market once released — just wait and see!🤩🤩

4. We managed to gather a superior team of developers!🌟 Platinum Software Development Company now has 60 fantastic engineers, highly experienced in blockchain development:

👉 13 front-end

👉 22 back-end

👉 10 full-stack

👉 10 Q&A

👉 5 DevOps and Admins

👉 7 of them are experts in mobile Dev

All our engineers are directly involved in Noah Blockchain and services development, to make it perfect!🔥🔥

Our engineers have strong stacks: Java (Spring/Spring boot/SE/EE/Android), PHP (Laravel/CakePHP), Js (jQuery, Vue), TypeScript (Angular), Swift/Objective-C (iOs/OS X), C/C++ (OpenCV/ OpenGL), C# (WinForm), NodeJS (Express), MySQL/MS SQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB, etc.💪💪

5. I want to share with you some details about the most stellar developers. Today’s star is Denis, our back-end developer. He is in charge of QDAO/BNC OTC development and support. Denis’ passion is singing and playing acoustic guitar.

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6. I also have my personal channel — take a look:

7. Don’t forget to check out my personal Twitter account:

8. Banks are obsolete! The financial system is rusty! DeFi has come to rescue the world and we will lead the momentum! The Platinum Team is doing everything possible to make QDAO DeFi great and its participants prosperous!🤑💰

9. Today’s food for thought: the total value locked in DeFi grew by $1.2 billion in 24 hours! 🚀

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NOAH.PLATINUM Blockchain aiming to become one of the most “Easy to use” distributed ledgers in the world!

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As the classic said, “My eyes are full of sunset, but my heart is full of sunrise.”

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