How to Make New Friends in the Noah Community and Avoid Coronavirus

The world is seized with panic and fear of Coronavirus СO-VID19. The media constantly adds fire to this story. People go out less and less and try not to contact strangers. Coronavirus will not be able to deprive you of communication! And we took care of that.

We understand how dangerous the virus can be and that it is better to always insure yourself. Therefore, we developed a special bot for remote communication within the great Noah community. Meet @KaiwaBot ! It will help you find new friends online, without even leaving Telegram. It works just like the Tinder app. We will describe this simple process in details so you could find new friends within a few minutes!

How to launch @KaiwaBot ?

Search for @kaiwabot in Telegram first, then click on it and press the “Start” button.

Then choose your language.

Read the description page — it’s important!

Bot suggest to fill up your profile — so let’s do it. Here you need to type in your personal data:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Interests
  • City
  • Write a few words about yourself
  • Add a photo

Click «Find a pair» after you have filled up the profile.

Evaluate the pairs selected for you with the «👍» and «👎» buttons. The person will appear in the «💬 Dialogues» section as soon as you have a mutual «👍» with someone. Now you can start chatting with him directly in the bot!

Unlimited chatting!

That’s it! Sounds very simple, doesn’t it? If so — start chatting now! @KaiwaBot is a simple way to find new friends and avoid Coronavirus. Join it now and feel free to contact @kaiwasupport if you have some trouble or suggestions. Let’ make Noah community close-knit!

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