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Mistakes that turn to milestones

Dear Noah community,

This is an official message from the Noah Foundation.

We, Noah Foundation, do appreciate your support in fulfilling our ambitious goal which is to create an amazing future for everyone. We’re building a great ecosystem from digital wallets to beach resorts and other real estate projects, all powered by Noah Coin.

The new Noah blockchain is called upon to break old ineffective systems by utilizing the transformative capabilities of blockchain technology to solve real-world problems. Our team stays true to our vision. We’d like to give a shift to the emerging crypto future and help millions of people embrace its essence today.

As you know, NOAH Foundation spent and is still spending huge resources to put into practice its ideas and developments. However, we have to admit that we bit off more than we can chew by chosen too complex and high-flying goals. It’s difficult to implement them under our own steam.

We made a lot of mistakes. For example, we sold a huge amount of Noah Coins to invest in the project. As a result, we had an influence on the current Noah Coin price. At present, we hardly have any Noah Coins.

We promise that we won’t have an impact on the Noah economy from now on. New Noah.platinum core coin from innovative blockchain will be controlled by the community and Noah Foundation won’t be able to hit Noah because it will act only within the limits of its votes when making any decisions.

Please note that Noah Foundation will become the same rank-and-file member of the Noah community as any other member. Platinum agreed to work with us only under this condition.

Noah Foundation has a mission to build the real estate project, which involves a number of political and technical issues. Unfortunately, we cannot solve all the issues quickly but we are steadily moving ahead.

We worked less effectively previously and were unfocused because of trying to create both Noah blockchain and Noah economy, as well as building our real estate project. We didn’t give enough attention to other elements of our huge ecosystem.

We understand now that everyone should do what he is able to do and that sometimes we need to delegate some tasks to professionals to get the best results. We have skills and experience in real estate development. We can build relations with governments. But we know nothing about blockchain technologies and need some help in this field. Platinum Q DAO Engineering is a team that is able to develop blockchain and create a strong token economy.

Who is Platinum?

Platinum Q DAO Engineering has rendered us marketing services for some time. Now the company’s engineers have kindly agreed to develop the Noah blockchain based on a sustainable economic model. We’re happy that they joined us.

Platinum Q DAO Engineering team cooperates with economics professors who will advise them on how to develop a strong economy model of the Noah ecosystem. Since Platinum specialists are responsible for the blockchain and token economy, we will have time to devote ourselves to the real estate project.

We’re confident that we’ll obtain outstanding results together! If you have any questions, please ask them in the respective community platform.

Noah` BTCNEXT Exchange

New Noah Blockchain ecosystem

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