Noah Coin’s New Blockchain Proposal and Expansion in the Philippines

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Noah Project Services Expansion on the Philippines Partnering with a BSP Approved Virtual Currency Exchange

Noah Business Expansion into Off-Shore Orderbook Cryptocurrency Exchange in CEZA (Cagayan Economic Zone Authority).

Noah Project “Genesis” Mainnet Blockchain Proposal

The Noah “Genesis” mainnet, may differ in basic characteristics such as the underlying security algorithm, cryptography, level of decentralization, level of efficiency, identity obfuscation strategy, network topology, block production policy, permissibility, scope of participants and grandeur of the vision. Many of these properties are highly related. The ERC20 tokens issued during the ICO might not be compatible with the new blockchain and its corresponding features and adaptions. Therefore, they need to be migrated onto the new blockchain.

Past projects have approached this in several ways but commonly all ERC20 tokens that were not transferred from the Ethereum blockchain became frozen and thus useless at a pre-determined date. The tokens from the Ethereum blockchain must be moved to the new blockchain. The most recent and best known token swaps were EOS (EOS), Tron (TRX) and VeChain (VEN). The core goal of Noah Project revolves around payments and the transfer of money, hence functionality of the Noah Coin needs to act as a sufficient replacement for money.

In order to best deliver the intended goals of Noah Coin, Noah Coin now requires a tailored blockchain solution beyond that of ERC-20 functionality.

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