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Noah Project Update #33

Big changes are here! The Noah Project has opened itself up to new awesome prospects: we issued 30 billion ERC-20 NOAHP coins, launched a crucial vote about Noah City’s future and partnered up with the DeFi platform called SpaceSwap. Jump in to find out more!

Crypto news background

The crypto market prefers a sideways movement to strong growth. We saw ups and downs over the last two weeks. At the moment, the market is slowly climbing up but there’s no certainty in its momentum. Here are the main events of the week:

  • At first, Bitcoin grew to $11,000 but then dropped to the $10,400 mark. Now it’s trading at around the $10,700 figure but things may change at any time. Altcoins have shown some growth too.
  • The Chinese government is aiming for DeFi. Ethereum DeFi was shown on Chinese state TV, calling Bitcoin, Ethereum and some of the altcoins the best performing assets of 2020. This is very good for the crypto industry. The Chinese market is huge and we can expect the next rally for DeFi and Bitcoin.
  • DeFi continues to be the biggest trend! Decentralized finance is attracting newcomers at a tremendous pace. The total value locked in DeFi exceeds $11 billion. The most popular DEX Uniswap grew x50 in terms of locked value since July. DeFi has no intention of stopping.

Traders should act wisely in the current market. We could start an unpredictable movement at any time. While the cryptocurrencies seem risky to invest in, DeFi stands out as a good alternative.

Noah Project news

Two fantastic weeks have passed and our Noah community is becoming even stronger, so is the Noah Project. Check out the most valuable updates:


30 billion NOAHP were burned and reissued on the ERC-20 blockchain. Now we have ERC-20 NOAHP. This will increase demand for the Noah Project and open new listing opportunities. ERC-20 NOAHP has already been listed on the most popular decentralized exchange — Uniswap. Noah community members can exchange their NOAHP for ERC-20 NOAHP at a 1 to 1 ratio. We have plans to create NOAHP on other blockchains as well, to create more profitable opportunities!

Global vote on Noah City’s future

The time to decide Noah City’s future has come! We launched a vote to choose between the 3 proposed options for Noah City’s development, they are:

Voting is essential for the future development of Noah City. We kindly ask you to participate! Despite the fact that the voting is still in progress, we have already preliminarily begun work on the development of the Land Purchase option (currently in the lead with 73% of the votes), discussing all possible systems and lands for purchase, tokenomics and other components.

NOAHP in SpaceSwap

SpaceSwap offered the Noah Project the chance to become one of the first pools on their platform. SpaceSwap is the future one-stop-station for major DeFi protocols that provide users with optimal loan interest rates, as well as MILK and SHAKE coins for extra passive income. Both ERC-20 NOAHP and QDAO pools were created. We expect a growing demand for our coins.

Payments for Noah Patriots

One of the Noah Patriot citizens’ privileges as early investors is getting BNX/QDAO yearly payments. Now we are happy to announce that the first payments have been made! Patriots will continue to receive their bonuses as planned.

Noah Dividends

We have paid the dividends for September. All ICO holders, regardless of their status, have received their promised payments. The Noah Dividends program will continue its work on schedule. The monthly dividend is 1.66%. Dividends are paid first to Noah Instructors and Noah Citizens, followed by non-citizens and other members of the Noah community.

Noah Payment Cards

Great news — the Noah Payment Cards are now ready, both virtual and physical. They will be soon sent to Japan. Noah Payment Card holders will finally be able to fully enjoy all the benefits of Visa cards wherever they go! We apologize for any inconvenience that was made, but now we can proudly say that soon all holders will be also happy with an additional small bonus!

Live stream time change

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We are permanently changing the start time of our live stream from 20:00 JST to 18:00 JST! Thursday’s stream starts with the new schedule — at 18:00 JST. Please, don’t miss it as Anton and Dan will answer many crucial questions regarding the future of and updates to the Noah Project and QDAO DeFi. Join us on Thursday, 1st October at 18:00 JST.

These two weeks were productive and eventful! We will continue to do whatever we can to bring the Noah Project to global success. We hope to have your support!

You can always find all our updates first-hand, just follow these links:

Noah Blockchain ecosystem:

Telegram for the English speaking community.

Telegram, LINE or LINE OPEN CHAT for the Japanese speaking community.

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