Noah Project Update #27

Another bunch of crucial Noah Project updates is coming to you! Read about: the third round of the Noah Citizenships sales, the Noah Dividends program, and the Noah City website. Jump into the stream of updates right now!

Crypto news background

There has been uncertainty in the crypto market for several weeks now. New background events are not enough to serve as an active driver for cryptocurrency prices. However, there is plenty of important news:

  • Bears put pressure on Bitcoin. Sellers were able to push the main cryptocurrency price under the level of $9,000. The bulls managed to defend their own, but their strength may not be enough for a long time.
  • Telegram lost to the SEC. $1.2 billion will be returned to investors and the company itself will pay an $18.5 million fine to the American regulator. Dreams of TON are now gone.
  • Wirecard experienced a big crash. Wirecard, the payment card issuer, decided to file for bankruptcy; the company’s share price fell from $114 to $1.40. Wirecard is included in the DAX index so this is an alarm bell for the entire financial market.

The Wirecard situation is a great indicator of what is really happening in traditional markets. These are dangerous times and crypto enthusiasts should be careful. The BTC price can drop at any moment, but the long-term forecast is still positive.

Noah Project news

Two weeks passed in the blink of an eye. The Noah Project continues to evolve. Here are the most crucial updates:

Noah Citizenship sales

The second round of sales is over. More than 1,000 new Noah Citizens joined the first decentralized state — our nation is growing!

The third round of sales is postponed indefinitely in connection with new product development. We will implement additional features for families in the third round of Noah Citizenship sales. Look out for more updates!


We have several important Votes in progress. One of them is about Inflation in the Noah Project — we invite you to cast your vote and take an active part in the project’s development!

Noah City website

The official website of the first decentralized state is undergoing big changes. The results will exceed all your expectations — it will be awesome!

Noah Dividends

A lot of NOAH holders and early investors are asking about the promised dividends. We’re happy to say that official information will be announced in July.

Thank you for reading. We hope it was fun for you. Don’t forget to come right back in two weeks! We will be preparing something special.

Realizing the gigantic ecosystem of the Noah Project together

-Mark Davis will have a deep speech on the extraordinary ecosystem of products created by Platinum Q DAO Engineering as well as the opportunities it opens up.

-Two new guests from the Noah community will join the stream for an interview hosted by Ito Takeshi.

-Anton Dzyatkovskii will help stream viewers to delve into the philosophy of Earl Nightingale.

Don’t forget to join our thrilling stream-opening game that will put you in an awesome mood!

⏰Date & Time: July 2nd at 20:00 JST.

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