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The Noah project Announces Partnership Details with Platinum Q DAO Engineering.

The Noah Project has partnered with Platinum Q DAO Engineering, a global blockchain tech, marketing, and advisory company. This partnership will allow Noah to leverage Platinum’s wide and varied experience in creating a new tech architecture for the Noah ecosystem and its global outreach expertise.

Platinum Q DAO’s engineers have already developed the new Noah blockchain that will host the new ecosystem. The native NOAH.Platinum tokens of the new blockchain will offer advanced features and functionalities to community members. Moreover, we already had a token swap for depositing old NOAH coins on BTCNEXT digital asset trading exchange in order to receive new NOAH.Platinum coins.

The Noah team has decided to give 37 billion of NOAH.Platinum coins to the Platinum team. This is around 17% of the total supply of 216 billion in total supply. The tokens owned by Platinum are staked in the decentralized regulation fund just as the tokens of other holders. They will be released at the same rate as the tokens of all holders and will be allocated to pay salaries to the Platinum engineers, other staff as well as for development cost (like hosting servers, etc.).

Platinum will also be one of the members of the decentralized management and will get voting rights, but no special preferences.

To remind it to our community members, we have created a new financial model that is based on the work of Nobel prize-winning economists like Milton Friedman, Alvin E. Roth, Bengt Holmström, Oliver E. Williamson, John Harsanyi, Michael Spence, and Vernon L. Smith. The new model is the result of extensive discussions with world-famous economists at Stanford University and exhaustive work for 6 months to create a roadmap for the next 30 years.

It is expected that 35 billion coins will be mined for the next 30 years through PoS mining. Noah has made participation in mining easy for its token holders. Interested token holders need to simply delegate their tokens to get rewards from every new block (average block producing time is 5 seconds). The reward is, of course, proportional to the number of coins that have been delegated — more coins= more rewards.

If you have any questions regarding any of the recent developments, we invite you to ask us on our official community platforms.

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