Distribution Details for New NOAH.platinum Tokens

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The Noah Project recently announced the token swap wherein the old NOAH coins can be swapped for the new NOAH.Platinum coins. You can read all the details here.

The reason for this swap is that the Noah team has remodeled its financial goals which are now in sync with economic philosophies of renowned Nobel prize winners and finalized after an extensive round of talks with the world’s best economists at the Stanford University.

The Noah Project has partnered with Platinum Q DAO Engineering that is building the new blockchain on which the Noah ecosystem will function. The new NOAH.Platinum coins will be the native tokens of the new blockchain and will have advanced features and functionalities than the old ERC-20 compliant NOAH coins.

Token swap details

The Noah Project has kept a reserve of 18 billion new coins as a fund for exciting bonuses for community members. These bonuses will be distributed amongst members who have deposited their old coins for swapping with new ones on the BTCNEXT digital assets trading platform, before 31st August. Also, members that hold BNX coins will be eligible for the bonuses.

Another good news for members whose coins were either lost or stolen as a result of malicious activities is that they will also be compensated with bonus coins. There have been some issues on HitBTC and Yobit exchanges, and there have been instances of some community members losing their NOAH coins. All such members had to fill a questionnaire before 30th September, with their details and after checking by the Noah team they will receive new coins. You will need to explain to the team how you lost your coins and after completion of the mandatory KYC requirements, you will receive the coins. Those who did not manage to do that before 30th September will be asked to fill special KYC questionnaire and then the Noah management will decide if new coins will be granted.

This is our small way of showing appreciation to the loyal members of our community who had lost their coins through no fault of theirs. Your support matters greatly to us and this is our small effort to compensate for your loss so that you remain a part of the Noah ecosystem community.

The remaining tokens from the 18 billion fund will be used for community development, maintenance of sufficient liquidity and payments of dividends to coin holders.

The way forward

The Noah team has created a sustainable growth model for economic excellence that spans three decades. We have a strategy in place for the successful deployment of the model, and we are committed to help and grow our community to reap the rewards of our endeavors.

If you have questions, please ask on our community platforms and our admins will surely help resolve your queries.

Noah` BTCNEXT Exchange

New Noah Blockchain ecosystem

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